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Garnet Heart Yoga Students

GHY students come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, religious backgrounds and abilities. We share a passion and respect for the practice of yoga. We view GHY as sacred space focused on personal and social transformation. We respect all beings and realize the truth of interdependence. We realize that abiding in a conscious community elevates not only our own life, but the world at large.


Private and small group Sessions

$125 for one hour session at my location

$200 for one hour at your location (under an hour drive from WPB)

*No refunds only session transfer*


10 session package - 20% discount for packages

$1000 for 10 one hour session at my location

$1600 for 10 one hour at your location (under an hour drive from WPB)

*No refunds only session transfer*

Yoga Options

Yoga Therapeutics

Danielle is sought after for her integrated, holistic hatha yoga system that has many therapeutic applications, especially regarding musculoskeletal injuries and limitations. In alignment based yoga, effective musculoskeletal therapy is a practice of applying Garnet Heart Yoga alignment principles in a variety of postures and exercises. This practice is accessible to all practitioners, including brand new students. With easy to follow cues you will find yourself able to gain strength and flexibility while establishing joint health and mobility. This practice will help reduce stress and create optimal health. These are not wild yoga postures of instagram models. Danielle teaches yoga for the people with chronic pain, stiffness, and low muscle tone. The euphoria created by this physical practice will allow discipline and focus. No previous experience needed!

Deep Relaxation (Nidra)

Stress is the number one cause of injury and illness. Guided Relaxation removes tension in the the physical body, decreases fatigue, relieves depression and anxiety, releases cravings, rejuvenates and energizes the nervous system, and supports healing. Danielle will guide you into a state of deep relaxation where the breathing and the thoughts are slowed. This hour is as restorative as a full night’s sleep. Deep Relaxation practice works on the subtle consciousness. After focusing on the cells of the physical body, the practitioners create vows to work deep into the mind, such as “My willpower is improving.” The students can create their own vows and intentions that resonate with their personal recovery process. No previous experience needed!

Sound Healing

Sound and music are used to help with difficult life transitions. Sound is used to alter brainwave states to help people with sleep disorders, reduce addiction cravings and facilitate creative expression. Listening to one’s own natural rhythm brings people to a place of peace and stillness. Calmness has proven to dramatically help the immune system and bring all organs into a healthy alignment and it is where creativity is the most abundant.

During Danielle’s Sound Healing practices, she incorporated singing bowls (both Crystal and Tibetan) that are attuned to chakra balancing tone. Danielle has studied Sanskrit chanting for decades and explains the meanings and translations of each chant during her sound healing classes. She also incorporated buddhist meditation during the sacred tones to create a sense of well being in body and mind. Sound Therapy has been proven to be helpful for the immune system and all organs in the body, Chanting creates focus and joy! No previous experience needed!

Flow Yoga

Asana (posture) practice linking movement to breath and linking postures with a flowing sequence and sun salutations. Each class is a unique combination of poses and themes. The postures stretch and strengthen your body. The themes open your mind and heart. Teachers teach off the mat using verbal cues and hands on assists. This style of teaching helps you move towards perfected alignment and deeper postures.

Core Flow Yoga

An Honest signature flow spiced up with intense core asana. All around great practice for your mind & body that will ignite your center from the big toes up! This practice will enhance your regular yoga routine by strengthening and toning your entire torso allowing your practice to advance to more challenging asana and awareness.  You will work your rectus abdominis (the six-pack) and transversus abdominis (the girdle that wraps from sides to front of the torso).

Essential Yoga

Mindful movements that promote healing. Open to all levels and focused on therapeutic movement principles that will help identify imbalances while strengthening the mind and body. A full body sequence of postures for beginners to advanced practitioners. Postures promote strength and flexibility while fostering deeper levels of concentration. Recommended for students who want to strengthen and balance their mind and body while developing a strong foundation in alignment principles.

Philosophy and Lifestyle

Danielle has studied both classical and tantric practices and traditions for over 30 years. She would be thrilled to lead deeper discussions in any yogic topic that is of interest to you and your group. Topics include but are not limited to: Yoga Sutra, Vajrayana Buddhism, Hindu Tantra, Vegan Lifestyle, Yama & Niyama, Conscious child rearing to name a few.


Prana is energy. Yama are constraints for growth. During Danielle's pranayama lesson we work on different patterns of breath work from beginner to experienced levels. We will complete our practice feeling lightness and delightful feelings.