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Private Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Private Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

For anyone with a 200 Yoga Teaching Certification or a practitioner that wants to move deeper into the yoga lifestyle. This program will enhance your understanding of advanced practices and allow the ability to share them with your community. Danielle originally worked with Yoga Alliance to bring you the highest standards in yoga teaching. Since it is a private training, you choose the dates and times to fit your schedule!

Danielle has taught movement and practiced yoga since 1994. She has mentored many successful teachers, traveling teachers on the festival circuit & studio owners to create their best careers and evolve their personal style. You will make the choice of working with her privately in West Palm Beach, virtually or a bit of both. Students choose their path. Students teach a practice to Danielle or a group of their students while she observes. She will then give you personal feedback for growth in that type of teaching. You could choose any level or style to teach such as Flow, Core Flow, Therapeutic, Yoga for special populations, yoga for elderly, etc. Others have used portions as private lessons or life plan meetings. Whatever you choose, Danielle has seen this create successful teachers. Danielle herself did this type of a program with a mentor in the early 2000’s. It catapulted her career. Check out her full bio here:

(what you will learn)

Teachers Toolbox

Learn to teach Danielle’s very useful Brand New Beginners Course. This is a must for anyone who is interested in owning or directing a successful yoga center. Help all students create a safe & effective yoga asana practice.

Learn to teach therapeutically for all students. Modifications for common injuries. Successful Hatha sequence that is meditative and healing.

Learn to teach restorative meditation and body release.

Begin to take your own practice to a new paradigm. Practice & teach innovative postures.

Develop a successful advanced practice and season your all levels teaching practice with interesting ways to take the adept student deeper.

Dive into classic yogic philosophy

Excelerate your personal practice and create subtle energy that is felt by your students. You will learn to create deep peace for yourself that will shine out to others.

Continue after your immersion to study privately with Danielle. She will customize your 12 assessments to make your teaching successful and strong. What are you planning to choose as your focus?

6 months of guided life plans that create success in yoga through daily cultivation activities.

You will dive into your personal practice and learn to really live yoga rather then “do” yoga.

Upon completion you will have the tools to teach the brand new beginner to the level 3 student and everyone in between. You will have a greater understanding of classic texts and philosophy. We are dedicated to bringing you the most quality training to enhance your life, challenge yourself and witness the truth of your divinity! During the program we cover Yoga Sutra-s, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha yoga Pradipika, & Self Knowledge texts. We perfect advanced asana, pranayama & meditation techniques.


Danielle Vardakas

E-RYT 500, DYT 1000 holds a Summa Cum Laude Master's degree in Yoga Studies from Naropa University

( 500 hour Cert)

Cost of 300 hour training

$8800 PIF includes Advanced Manual

Deposit: $1000

There are no refunds. Session transfers will be considered.

All Limbs of Yoga


You can be the one asking questions, seeking advice, and sitting on the receiving side of the student-teacher relationship.


To increase your value as a teacher, you need to keep learning! The Garnet Heart Yoga Advanced Training Course facilitates your personal and professional growth


Through hands-on, practical training, your world of yoga will expand exponentially. We are diving deep into yogic lifestyle. This is going to be a fun, intense adventure

  • Feel too uncertain to give hands-on assists in postures ?
  • Struggle in class to give effective verbal cues?
  • Want to weave philosophy into their classes, but always find it to feel forced and clunky?
  • Are ready to grow their network and student base, but don’t know how?
  • Feel overwhelmed by marketing themselves as a yoga teacher and creating their yoga brand.
  • Are confused about what insurance they need and other liability and legal issues?

There’s so much more that goes into teaching yoga than simply receiving your 200 level teaching certificate and planning a class sequence. From the structure of class, to designing your own brand, to growing your student base in and out of the studio – we will be there for you every step of the way.

“The Garnet Heart Yoga 500 (300 hours) Teacher Training Course goes above & beyond the standards for 500 hour schools. The teachers are more than qualified to teach this advanced program.” —Brieanne Mould, program specialist for Yoga Alliance